Life does not lose its value

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Life Does Not Lose Its Value Official PosterLIFE DOES NOT LOSE ITS VALUE, child soldiers 10 years later

Father Berton (*) and the former child soldiers of Sierra Leone

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Is it possible to overcome suffering as deep and scarring as a child soldiers’ one? If so, in which way?

Imagine a war. Not a movie or 30 second TV clip, but the brutal, horrific reality. You’re there. You witness, even participate in horrors beyond belief. And somehow, miraculously you survive. Imagine trying to put the pieces of your life back together. Now, imagine the same scenario but this time, you are not an adult, but a mere child …

Life Does Not Lose Its Value is a story of men and women – young men and women who were fortunate enough to survive the horror of war as seen through a child’s eyes. Men and women who once were child soldiers.

And it is the story of one man in particular, Father Giuseppe Berton. This Italian missionary saw something in these broken warriors, and set out to exorcise their nightmares and bring them back to a sense of normality. When Sierra Leone’s bloody war finally ended, the child soldiers became outcasts – unwanted and unloved. Father Berton reached out and touched the lives of over three thousand of these lost souls.

This is their story: a story of tears and joy, of loss and hope, of suffering and survival and ultimately a story of triumph for all humanity …

Life does not lose its value, trailer

A documentary film by Wilma Massucco

Written, produced and directed by Wilma Massucco
Editing: Alberto Boni
Narrator: Francesca Iacoviello
Dubbing (for the Italian version): Sandro Damura, Monica Pellacani, Francesca Iacoviello
– MALAKO by Samba Mapangala and Occidental Brothers Dance Band International – Occidental Brothers Music LTD
– ELEMENT OF THE UNKNOWN e UNDERWORLD SERIES by Alexander Khaskin – Lynne Publishing
– FANTASY by Steven Loxford – Shockwave-Sound.Com

Bluindaco Productions
All rights reserved © 2012

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(*) On June 25, 2013 Father Giuseppe Berton died. We lost a person of extraordinary humanity, capable of mixing the words of the heart with an acute depth of thought, whose religious faith was true, vibrant, made ​​of concrete actions. Never rhetoric. A “disobedient”, in the deepest and most far-sighted sense of its meaning.

In the last years of his life Father Giuseppe Berton and the psychologist Roberto Ravera (Director ASL 1 Imperiese, Italy) worked together, following the upgraded scientific theories in terms of psychology and psychopathology, for projects of rehabilitation and social, professional, scholastic inclusion of abandoned children in Sierra Leone. Currently  Dr. Roberto Ravera is carrying on the message of Father Berton through Family Homes Movement FHM Italia activities. 20% of the income deriving from Life Does Not Lose Its Value will be donated to FHM ITALIA Onlus