Original title: Una Fonderia da Sogno

Story of Graziella Alboresi 
versione italiana - Una Fonderia da Sogno


Italy, 2013 – This is Graziella Alboresi’s story. Graziella is a beautician who used to run a successful beauty parlour. Then she got cancer and she had to stop her business. Then her husband Albano got sick. Within two months, he died. Up to his death Albano had run a small business of his own, a foundry. Graziella had to make a tough decision. Sell the foundry at below market value, and put five men out of work, or try to save the business. Despite knowing nothing about running a foundry and the fact that she was entering an all male domain, and right in the middle of the world wide financial crisis, this forty-five year old took on the challenge. Her achievements are remarkable. In just eight years, she has tripled her workforce and grown her turnover from half a million to three million euro.

Her secret: hard work, a willingness to go back to school and above all, respect for the environment and respect for people.


Graziella c Lost Love
logo_udi nazionaleNational Premiere inside the initiative WOMEN, WORK, BODY, RELATIONSHIP promoted by UDI – Union of Women in Italy – Hall of the Municipality of Modena (Italy), Piazza Grande, September 27th at 5.30 pm

A documentary film by Wilma Massucco

Written, directed and produced by Wilma Massucco

Location: Modena (Italy), Tosatti Foundry

Subtitles for the English version: Stacey Turner

Running time: 14′